Better Life Medical Technology Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of patient monitors, like Multi-parameter monitor, Vital Sign Monitor, Hand-held monitor, modular and non-modular monitors etc. It was founded in 2014 by a group of experienced engineers with more than 15 years’ experience on medical devices. In the same year, we acquired Shanghai 3F Medical Co., Ltd, which was one of the oldest patient monitor manufacturers (since 1997) in China.

Thanks to our expertise on medical device technologies and efficiency on product development, we are working on several joined R&D projects with several world class companies. Now we have 150 employees and among them there are more than 50 engineers. Every day we are doing our best to make life better.
Shenzhen is the Hi-Tech center of China, which is also the world supply center for electronics devices, and from where it is easier to recruit the experienced and hardworking engineers. For this reason, in March 2015, BLM set up R&D office in Shenzhen. Now there are 51 experienced engineers working in our Shenzhen R&D center.
Our factory is located in Medical Park, Suzhou, with 1500 Sq. space and two production lines. With the hard work of our experienced works, our production capacity is about 8,000 units Defib-Monitor and 10,000 units Patient Monitor. All of our production facilities and equipments have been inspected by regulatory institutions and also by our ODM clients, like Zoll Medical, Medtronic, etc.


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VISIONTo safeguard life with excellent technology and first class Quality       MISSIONTo improve healthcare level with innovative products and cutting edge developments in critical care area.

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Provide global customers with R & D, production, sales and customized solutions in the medical monitoring field. 

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